Our Efforts

The original mission of SHCF was to help children who had lost parents or loved ones on 9/11. The mission has expanded over the years to support children with emotional, physical or financial need by providing grants to numerous organizations.

Camp Haze

Camp Haze, the Scott Hazelcorn Children’s Foundation’s one week sleep- away summer program 

ended in 2013 after 12 wonderful years. The Camp was originally created to benefit children who had suffered a family loss on 9/11 and later expanded the program to assist all children who had 

experienced the loss of a loved one. Though Camp Haze has ended, The Scott Hazelcorn Children’s 

Foundation lives on. Each year we provide grants to a number of extraordinary programs that continue the mission of helping children in need. Click here to see more.

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (Scotty’s Fund)

The Foundation funded the Scott Hazelcorn Endowment in Hematology and Oncology (“Scotty’s Fund”) at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. The Connecticut Children’s Hospital, Division of Hematology and Oncology specializes in the treatment of children with cancer by improving the physical and emotional health of these children through their family centered care. Our grant and 5 year funding totaling $75,000 (“Scotty’s Fund”) provides children with cancer the opportunity for therapeutic play, socialization and normalcy in a physical and emotionally safe environment in our funded Scotty’s Room at the facility. To help distract children from the discomforts associated with receiving chemotherapy, we supplied the hospital with IPads and large screen monitors for the use of playing video games and watching movies. The funds are also being used to bring visiting artists to the hospital to instruct patients in song writing.

Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation (Scotty's Room)

The Foundation provided $50,000 to create a “Scotty’s Room,” a playroom to minimize the

short term and long term effects of hospitalization of school aged children. The playroom brings 

hospitalized children together with siblings and friends in a playful environment with games, 

computers, and other activities.

Daniel's Music Foundation

The Foundation provided two $25,000 grants to Daniel’s Music Foundation, a non -profit

organization established to develop and perform music programs for children and adults with 

developmental and physical disabilities. One grant funded the purchase of new instruments, 

updated equipment, sponsored a DMF member lead music festival, and a scholarship program 

for Special Education field trips. The other grant provided funding of all the equipment needed 

for a recording studio at their new premises.

Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services

The Foundation provided grants totaling $75,000 to JBFCS. JBFCS provides housing for over

400 young people of every race, and religion. In addition, through daily programs, hundreds of 

children who are developmentally disabled, severely autistic, emotionally troubled or sexually 

abused are helped. The Foundation provided $25,000 to JBFCS’s Child- Parent Psychotherapy 

program. This program’s mission is to provide direct services to help children and their parents 

who have suffered from violence, abuse or neglect. In addition the program provides the 

training of clinicians who assist these families. We have also provided a $50,000 grant towards 

the renovation of a 45-year-old swimming pool at their Westchester campus in Hawthorne, 

New York, that is used by JBFCS’s three residential programs.

Urban Dove

The Foundation provided $65,000 in grants to Urban Dove’s HiRiser Middle School Program.

Urban Dove’s mission is to provide underprivileged children the critical skills and opportunity 

needed to succeed in the real world. The HiRiser Middle School program is for 6th to 8th graders 

and focuses on leadership and responsibility. In addition, the program assists the 8th graders 

with their transition to high school. Our grants have also provided support for a children’s 

summer camp program.

Hackensack Medical Center

The Foundation funded a $20,000 grant to the Audrey Hepburn Children’s House (“AHCH”)

located in and affiliated with the Joseph. M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack 

University Medical Center. The grant was used to completely renovate the Activity Room of the 

AHCH and enables child/patient therapy in a safe environment. AHCH provides a private and 

child friendly environment specifically designed to address all aspects of child maltreatment.

Harlem RBI

In July 2015 the Foundation donated a $25,000 “Commissioner Sponsorship” to Harlem RBI 

Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides inner city youth with opportunities to play, learn and 

grow using the powers of teams to coach, teach and inspire youths to recognize their potential. 

The Commissioner Sponsorship was used to fund the entire 8-team Harlem RBI 2015 summer 

baseball season.

StoreFront Academy (“the Academy”)

The Foundation granted $5,000 to send an underprivileged child selected by the Academy to a

four-week sleep away camp. The Academy has, for over 50 years, provided education to urban 

youths of all learning abilities. The Academy goal is to instill a powerful sense of self, and give 

students the tools to create meaningful adult lives.

Yogi Berra Baseball and Learning Camp

The Foundation provided $17,000 to the Yogi Berra Baseball and Learning Camp. The Camp

provides the opportunity for young players to improve their ability level, boost their confidence, 

and emphasize the concept of teamwork and developmental skills. Our grant was limited to 

funding children attending with physical, emotional and financial needs.